Dubai Company Formation

For foreign investors considering Dubai Company Formation, a number of Free Zones exist, and as such, have a distinct legal status within the UAE. Companies setting up a company in Dubai and operating within the Free Zones are not subject to many of the restrictions imposed by the Companies Law and other UAE laws and regulations.

Entities operating within the Free Zone may be 100% foreign owned and benefit from a guarantee that tax will not be applied for a certain period of time, notwithstanding any subsequent change to federal or local laws. Alternatively you may wish to consider a RAK IC which gives you the UAE presence but is still deemed to be offshore. For further details please click here.


Add that to an almost 0% crime rate and duty free export to 17 countries in the Middle East and you can see the benefits Dubai offers. Below are some of the more lucrative advantages:

  • 0% Corporation Tax
  • 0% Personal Tax
  • 100% Foreign ownership
  • 100% Repatriation of capital and profits 
  • No Customs Duty and no currency restrictions
  • No compulsory accounts to be submitted
  • No banking transfer limits and on current information no disclosure is necessary to other tax authorities
  • Low renewal fees
  • Hassle free licencing procedures


Other Features and Benefits

  • Bank Accounts
  • Consultancy & Services
  • Family Wealth Protection & Trusts
  • Investment Companies
  • Property Owning Companies
  • Corporate Benefits
  • Ship & Yacht Ownership
  • Reduced Taxation Liability
  • Free Zone Incorporation
  • Fewer Reporting Requirements
  • Asset Protection
  • Confidentiality & Anonymity
  • Simplicity Of Operation
  • Holding Companies
  • International Trading
  • Internet Trading
  • Probate