If you’re looking to open a business overseas and are trying to decide which country to establish a presence, the many tax benefits and opportunities of Dubai are hard to beat.

It’s the business hub of the Middle East, and one of the world’s fastest growing economies, that and it offers investors 0 % corporate tax, plus no personal tax for individuals either.

With these kind of tax benefits, it’s not hard to see why it is viewed as the land of golden opportunity and why foreigners looking for company formation Dubai, are attracted there.

There were 3,224 new licenses issued by Dubai’s Department of Economic Development in the first quarter of 2011. Proof indeed during these troubled economic times, that private businesses is at least booming in Dubai.

As well as the tax benefits, housing is cheap and offices and business premises, highly affordable. Dubai has a steadily growing economy and business friendly atmosphere and people visiting the country has risen. In 2010, when figures for travel went down in most nations, Dubai saw a rise of 15.6% in passenger movement, (marine and international airlines) from the previous year.

Back to the benefits- new businesses in Dubai are offered options for guarantee them loans to fund houses and the duties on imports are only 5%.

There is also total privacy for anyone forming an offshore company in Dubai as without a taxation department, there is no public record of company directors’ or shareholders.

Company formation in Dubai’s free zone of Jebel Ali, allows the investor three main options, depending on the type of business they intend to open.

These are: Free Zone Establishment (FZE) which requires one individual shareholder; Free Zone Company (FZCO), more than one member or a Branch Office.

All three may not be available in every free zone which is why it is vital if you are a business owner on the verge of doing business in Dubai, that you get advice from consultants experienced in launching businesses in Dubai. They will know everything relevant to the free zones and be able to lead you through the paperwork maze in incorporating your new company.

Listed below are the common documents for the three zones:

Free Zone Establishment
1. Application form
2. Business profile of the owner
3. Copy of the owner’s passport
4. Original bankers reference

Free Zone Company
1. Application form
2. Business profile of individual
3. Copy of owner’s passport
4. Original bankers reference
5. Board resolution
6. Copy of manager’s passport
7. Manager’s signature

1. Certificate of Registration
2. Memorandum and Articles of Association
3. Board resolution
4. Copy of Manager’s passport
5. Managers signature
6. Parent company’s profile