Open a Dubai Company and Capture UAE Massive Growth and Economic Potential

Those wise business individuals that open a Dubai company are positioning themselves for entry into one of the world’s most powerful, yet still growing economies. First Quarter 2011 saw 3,224 new licenses issued by Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED), incredible proof that private businesses are coming to life at a time when other nation’s economies are still reeling from the global banking and mortgage fiasco that has stunned many economies. But in an even more startling move, Commercial Permits totaled 14,503 in first Quarter 2011, an amazing 33% increase over Q4 2010. Smart business minds have seen the opportunity, and are moving in.

And when you open a Dubai company now, you benefit from the 50.4% drop in the average price of residential property in the 24 months from Quarter 3 2008 to Quarter 3 2010. This is not a figure boasted by any local analysts, but rather a number reached by worldwide analyst Colliers International and their House Price index team. This means that not only is housing extremely affordable, but offices and business functions are very attractive as well.

International research agency Economic Intelligence Unit has recently released their proclamation that, with so many factors heavily leaning in Dubai’s favor, those that open a Dubai company will undoubtedly benefit from the unrest in surrounding regions, especially Bahrain. They predict this will translate into the diverting of many financial services and banking operations through Dubai. Many companies concerned with the lack of stability in other United Arab Emirates (UAE) areas see Dubai as a steady, progressive, growing financial powerhouse, and prefer the peace of mind and business-friendly atmosphere that is currently there.

Open a Dubai Company

Do you still need more proof that you are making a wise move when you open a Dubai company? In 2010, a year which saw decreased travel in most nations, Dubai enjoyed a 15.6% increase in total passenger movement over 2009 in marine and Dubai International Airport travel figures, with 47.6 million travelers. This shows that not only is international travel up, but local marine travel is growing as well, a sure sign that an already strong economy is heating up.

When you open a Dubai company, you access the most powerful financial center in the UAE, and one who has all the important economic signs pointing to a favorable outcome for your business plan moving forward. Dubai’s business structures allow for foreign investors to trade in and around Dubai, or simply set up as an International Business Company (IBC), an business structure created out of 2006 legislation that allows you to open a Dubai company in name, as long as you do not trade in the boundaries of the UAE.

When looking for overseas business registration, you can find few places that match the benefits you will receive when you open a Dubai company. 0% tax in some situations, a strong and strengthening economy, and favorable circumstances all point to your need to talk to a seasoned Dubai company registration specialist today who can help you navigate the rewarding but intricate cultural and business requirements needed to open a Dubai company and give your business that overseas edge you have been looking for.

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