Armoured Vehicles See Increased Investments in Dubai

Armoured Vehicles See Increased Investments in Dubai

Dubai is to have the region’s largest armoured vehicle manufacturing facility as an investment of Dh55 Million sees Inkas Vehicles expand its operations based in Dubai Investments Park (DIP ).

The new facility will be 159,700 square feet in size and sees yet more financial investment in armoured vehicles in the area as the park already plays host to four manufacturers: Inkas Vehicles, Mezcal Security Vehicles, Shell Armored Vehicles and Saxon Armor. Between them they produce a total of aroubigstock-Military-Armored-Tank-52577395nd 1,600 armoured vehicles every year.

With the Middle East and North Africa both registering growth in the Armoured Vehicles sector, Dubai seems to be keen to expand its manufacturing in this area as the market is projected to reach $28.62 billion by 2019. Asia is also a big potential market for this area and offers further buyers.

Inkas is already operating an 110,000 square feet manufacturing factory on the DIP which produces over 1,000 vehicles a year including armoured transport, executive SUVs, armoured cars, luxury sedans and special purpose military vehicles. This new facility will add to their manufacturing capability and up that number to around the 1,600 mark.

Ulugbekhon Maksumov, CEO of Inkas Vehicles, said of his company’s growth:

“At present, Inkas is manufacturing 1,000 vehicles annually at our existing plant within DIP , and this will be augmented to 1,600 vehicles with the new factory. Certified by recognized ballistics laboratories worldwide, Inkas armoured vehicles ensure 100% compliance with the world standards, and we aim to further build on our market leadership with the new facility. We expect sales of Dh1.2 billion in the coming two years.”

Whilst Omar Al Mesmar, General Manager of DIP , said of the increased investment in the DIP:

“Over the last 17 years, our endeavour at Dubai Investments Park is centered on supporting UAE’s GDP by attracting big businesses to our industrial park. These include some of the leading names across a wide array of sectors. Apart from world-class logistics, DIP offers business-friendly environment and proximity to key transit points for exports. These are the key requirements for the armoured vehicles manufacturing which is evident in the growing number of companies in the sector within DIP .”

Of course, the park does not just play host to Armoured Vehicle manufacturers and has attracted over 3,500 companies across a wide array of sectors since it first opened.

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