Khalifa Industrial Zone


The Khalifa Industrial Zone is a multi-billion dollar industrial park in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. It boasts a favourable business environment with a world class logistical, infrastructure and transportation network.

Khalifa Industrial Zone is located in central UAE. This allows great access to the East and West, regional and global markets. Europe, Russia, India and Africa, as well as Asia, China and Japan are all within reaching distance, meaning that Khalifa Industrial Zone has the potential to reach a consumer market of a total two billion. This is perfect for international trading, allowing companies to build up contacts throughout the world for business development and expansion.

The access to all of these countries and markets is provided by the extensive transportation links. These include rail, road, ports and air. Abu Dhabi Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport are both just a half an hour drive away from Khalifa Industrial Zone. International standard four lane highways and dual three lane roads criss-cross the Free Zone and have been designed to facilitate the efficient flow of traffic and transport of goods.

Khalifa Port is a state of the art deep-water seaport that has been designed to cater for huge cargo ships. This means it is great for transporting bulk imports, exports and raw materials. In terms of railways there are both passenger and freight railways available. The government has also made plans in the near future for a Pan Arabian railway to connect Khalifa Industrial Zone and the Yemen, Oman, and Saudi Arabia with Europe and Russia. This will provide a direct link for both the transport of goods and the travel of people into and out of Khalifa.

The government have taken steps to make Khalifa Industrial Zone the first Industrial Free Zone in Abu Dhabi to offer complete foreign ownership. This is a huge advantage for foreign investors setting up a company in the Zone. There are also a number of beneficial banking agreements including one for the leasing of land. Once a business owner has finalised the leasing process a long-term property rights agreement known locally as a Musataha agreement is made available. This allows the business owner to legally own all the assets that are developed on the land as long as they reside in the emirate and register with the Abu Dhabi Land Registry Department. The agreement provides supporting documents which can be useful when applying for business loans and mortgages.