Opportunities and Advantages in the United Arab Emirates

The UAE has boomed in recent years, with a huge amount of foreign investment turning it into a thriving business hub. 

Foreign investors can benefit hugely from the various advantages available. These include a liberal economy, low cost structure, established infrastructure, political and economic stability, and a high standard of living.


Economically, the UAE (especially Dubai) is open to foreign business and investment. This means the environment is only lightly regulated and allows for benefits such as direct tax exemption on personal income or corporate profits, full repatriation of capital and profits, no foreign exchange controls, 4% Customs Duties, liberal visa policies for expat employees, and a balanced exchange rate between the GB Pound and UAE Dirham.


The low operation costs of running a business in Dubai are exclusive to the region and include highly competitive energy, financing and real estate costs, as well as a significant lack of taxes. This links to the developed infrastructure which is thriving due to the widespread investment that Dubai authorities made into telecommunications, transport and industry. The availability of facilities is excellent, with concentrated Free Zones, seven industrial areas, two prosperous ports, a major international airport, and advanced telecommunications.


Opportunities are everywhere you look in Dubai. It is widely regarded as the centre of business trading in the UAE, with it being a significant location for a range of commercial activities. Business industries such as banking and finance, insurance, information and communications technology, media, manufacturing, and travel and tourism do particularly well in the country. 


These benefits come as a result of the provision of developed infrastructure and modern facilities, as well as the stable economy offering favourable policies to companies. Dubai provides everything you would need to conduct business and make a success. It is no wonder that so many businesses have started up in or relocated to the area. The UAE has forged a reputation for itself in the worldwide business sector and economy, proving that there is opportunity beyond oil. 


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