TwoFour54 Free Zones

The TwoFour54 Free Zone in the UAE is the media and entertainment business hub of the country. It was established by the Decree Law No.12 of 2007 and is situated in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Its name comes from the Free Zone’s geographical coordinates and is the brand name of the Abu Dhabi Media Zone.

Aiming to develop world class Arabic media and entertainment content, TwoFour54 is a major contributor to Abu Dhabi’s business success. Every media platform from film, music, digital media and broadcasting, to publishing, gaming and events are included in TwoFour54.

Every business aspect of the Free Zone is dedicated to the support and development of media and entertainment creativity. There are three main areas of support that bring together the media community and inspire professional partnerships. These include tadreeb, which is the TwoFour54 training academy; ibtikar which provides innovation and support to the Free Zone; and intaj which provides businesses with state of the art production facilities.

The Media Zone Authority governs TwoFour54 with complete independent and administrative responsibility. It regulates the laws and policies, moderates the licensing and formation of companies, and enforces the Codes of Practice of business standards within the Free Zone.

When incorporating a company in TwoFour54, the MZA licensing team oversees every aspect. The team also regulates all the licensing of businesses in the Free Zone and their activities. Aspects over which they have authority include the registration of companies (including Branches), the maintenance of Companies Register, license issuance, renewals, and amendments, and the enforcement of good practice throughout TwoFour54.

TwoFour54 is an extremely advantageous location for businesses involved in the media and entertainment industries. The provision of services in the Free Zone are designed specifically for the development of these companies located in the Zone. These include world-class studio production and post-production facilities which will meet all your production requirements and are available to hire, along with technical support staff; vocational media training through the academy which provides more than two hundred courses and training solutions to cater to for your business; and registration and licensing for media related business. This is in addition to full company ownership, a tax-free business environment; tailor made offices; and facilitated business networking.