Although we deal with every UAE Free Zone, the Ras Al Khaima (RAK) Free Zone is by far and away the largest and most popular Free Zone of the nation.

In the six years since its formation Ras Al Khaima (RAK) has developed into a business hub of world class proportions, boasting state of the art infrastructure and facilities for industrial growth and development. So far it has an impressive number of over 4,500 companies from 106 countries registered worldwide, making it an incredibly diverse and successful enterprise.

There are many reasons for RAK’s popularity and success, primarily its close proximity to Dubai. It is also situated close to three different ports, including Saqr Port where more than 1400 ships dock every year. It is the closest Emirate state to the Strait of Hormuz’s main shipping line and is perfectly positioned for trading between Europe, Africa and Asia.

Naturally it is near to the Ras Al Khaima International Airport which offers storage facilities and very competitive pricing. The airport operates an “open sky” policy, meaning that there are zero restrictions on the amount of flights or the time of arrival and departure from the airport. Incredibly, if you fly for three hours in any direction the radius covers over 25 countries with a combined total population of 2 billion people.

The Ras Al Khaima Free Zone is not focused towards a specific type of business, but instead caters to them all. Within RAK there is an internal structure consisting of four Free Zone Parks – Business Park, Industrial Park, Technology Park, and Al Ghail Park – with each concentrating on its specific business interests.