Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah is an environment rich with business incentives, and because of this it is rich in competition. This is a result of its tax and corruption-free nature that boasts one of the most in depth lists of double taxation treaties worldwide.


Economy in the RAK

Being one of the largest emirates within the UAE (currently fourth and climbing), Ras Al Khaimah benefits from an increasingly growing economy and GDP. This is mainly due to the government’s strong support and their focus on expanding their private sector: tourism, services, real estate, manufacturing and construction. But the benefits don’t stop there, if you’re incorporating within Ras Al Khaimah then be sure to take note of their exceptional road networks and infrastructures, their international airport, the outstanding natural beauty & peacefulness, its geographical location being perfect for trading between East and West, its encouraging policies that fuel the increase in foreign investment, developed seaports and its excellent network of communications. The above and more make Ras Al Khaimah one of the best places for both business and leisure globally.

Non-resident individuals and businesses can benefit from Ras Al Khaimah offshore, with its ideal position for outsourcing, the open registry of private boats and vessels, its asset security and trust schemes and their regulated banking and financial framework supported by their own Financial Services Authority.

Ras Al Khaimar is often known as the UAE’s industrial centre. Raw materials and minerals such as clay, limestone and mineral water are in abundance, of which its success was built upon. Pharmaceuticals, Cement and Ceramics dominate the industry although the introduction of ‘free zones’ and the welcoming of foreign and government investments has widened its scope.

A major manufacturer of pharmaceuticals known as Julphar, operates within RAK and exports to more than 80 countries.

Even more impressive is it is host to the biggest tile manufacturer in the world; RAK Ceramics export to over 135 countries and have multiple plants spread throughout the UAE, Iran, India, China, Sudan and Bangladesh!


RAK Lifestyle

The lifestyle opportunities are also impressive due to its multicultural people, variety of sports & leisure activities, restaurants, museums and of course its historical sites dripping in emirate culture and heritage. And thanks to many advancements in health care, education, housing and a general rise in living standard among other developments, the RAK has been rated one of the best destinations for investment by the Financial Times London and FDI Magazine.

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