Why Smart UAE Incorporation Experts Recommend RAK Incorporation


Business savvy UAE incorporation experts have recently been recommending Ras Al Khaima, known in the corporate community as RAK, as a destination for nonresident incorporation. There are a number of reasons for this, and the fact that a RAK Freezone or RAK Offshore incorporation is one of the most popular and beneficial corporate entities in the entire United Arab Emirates is quickly becoming global common knowledge in corporate circles. Only 45 minutes from the global financial market in Dubai, geography is far from the only reason UAE incorporation experts suggest RAK incorporation to their clients.

In the United Arab Emirates, Freezones are set up depending on what goods and services businesses in those zones offer. Situated geographically only three hours away from 25 countries with a combined population of 2 million, and very close to Ras Al Khaima International Airport, a RAK Freezone incorporation also puts you very close to three separate ports, and is the closest of all the Emirates to the main shipping line of the Strait of Hormuz. But as mentioned above, what makes RAK corporate ownership so attractive are the lucrative business advantages offered to nonresident investors.

The crime rate is almost 0%, and export to over 17 countries in the Middle East is duty free. No compulsory accounts need to be submitted, and the licensing procedures are some of the most hassle-free in the Middle East as long as you employ knowledgeable UAE incorporation experts who know how to max out your benefits. A smart Corporation Formation specialist can show you how to receive 0% personal and 0% corporate tax through the proper set up of a RAK Freezone corporation.

And thanks to business legislation passed in 2006, incorporating in the form of an International Business Company (IBC) or RAK Offshore company has in the last five years become one of the most tax-efficient yet versatile corporate entities available to nonresidents of the United Arab Emirates. Offering asset protection, international trade options, the safety of intellectual property protection, or direct control of real estate as a global holding company, RAK Offshore company ownership is a favorite of UAE incorporation experts the world over because of four major reasons.

RAK Offshore corporation allows you to pay zero tax, there are no banking transfer limits, there is no regulation requiring even a minimal share capital deposit, and Ras Al Khaima requires no disclosure to other tax authorities. And with the United Arab Emirates fast becoming a recognized global economy, it’s easy to see why knowledgeable UAE incorporation experts direct their clients to some form of RAK corporation, and help them benefit from the attractive corporate climate extended to nonresident business owners.

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