Dubai Knowledge Village

Over the last 50 years, Dubai has been transformed from an ordinary fishing village on the coast of the Arabian Gulf into one of the most vibrant modern and cosmopolitan cities in the world.

The Emirate of Dubai is located along the coast of the Arab Gulf and has a population of around 1.4 million. The Free Zone Authorities in Dubai are the government bodies registering non-resident companies and issuing business licenses.

Dubai has become a business hub for an ever growing region, boosted by growth in key industries, business friendly policies and its strategic geographical location, offering reach to 4 billion people within an 8-hour flight, including Europe, Africa, India, China and Russia.

Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV) is the world’s only Free Zone area dedicated to Human Resource Management and Academic Resources. Its main benefits are: 100% ownership, no tax on corporate gains or personal incomes, 100% repatriation of capital and profits, exemption from import and export duties.

Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV) is a member of TECOM Investments Education Cluster, located in Dubai Technology & Media Free Zone. Below are some of the benefits of having your business operations within Dubai Knowledge Village.

TECOM Investments is a master developer and operator of commercial and industrial assets, with eleven industry focused Business Parks harbouring under Free Zone status over 4,500 companies, from top multinational companies, young and mature SMEs, fast growing start-ups. Projects include retail, hotels, residential, to set-up requirements from business entrepreneurs in ICT, media, education, biotechnology, healthcare, technologies, manufacturing and logistics.

DKV offers a unique cluster environment where businesses across the industry value chain share a work campus dedicated to their industry, and can interact and collaborate effectively. Communities that are anchored by leading global, regional and local names in the industry.

DKV also offers an infrastructure envied the world over. The state of the art technical and community infrastructure supports and fosters the growth of the cluster.

A simplified incorporation process and business friendly environment is also highly appealing within the DKV. Hassle-free and business-friendly company laws and legal framework make it reasonably easy to set up here in business.

The Dubai Knowledge Village is a one-stop–shop service that provides business partners with a variety of government services including licensing, visa, traffic and postal services. There is also a 24-hour visa service and quick access to Knowledge Workers due to fast-track immigration process.

Types of business formation

The main types of business available to entrepreneurs in Dubai Knowledge Village are: Free zone LLC, Branch and Freelancer.

Free zone LLC

A FZ-LLC is formed as a separate legal entity, with shareholders as individuals and/or entities. Each FZ-LLC is required to have at least one director.


A branch of a foreign or a UAE company is not a legal entity separate from its parent but is considered a place of business that forms a legally dependent part of the parent company and conducts all or some of the operations inherent in the parent’s business. No share capital is required.


The Freelancer Permit offers the ability to operate as a freelance professional i.e., as a sole practitioner that enables the individual to conduct business in their birth name as opposed to a brand name.