Dubai Healthcare City

Dubai Healthcare City is dedicated to healthcare excellence and patient care.  It serves the global healthcare industry by delivering an A-Z of medical services in one place. The Healthcare City is home to many major national and international healthcare brands, with over 120 medical facilities and 3,700 professionals residing there. It also offers significant business opportunities to local and international investors.

Launched in 2002, the Dubai Healthcare City is today home to two hospitals, over 120 outpatient medical centres, and diagnostic laboratories. It has grown into a major medical community and continues to develop plans for health services that compete on an international scale.

An ever-growing number of people are choosing to seek healthcare outside their home country for many different reasons; including cost, quality, convenience, and the opportunity to combine health and wellness with a holiday. This has made the Healthcare City an incredibly popular location for customers and entrepreneurs alike.

The Dubai Healthcare City is located in the heart of Dubai, only 4km from Dubai International Airport; one of the world’s busiest airports which is accessed by over 100 airlines. There are more than 300 hotels, great sport and leisure activities, shopping and dining. The beautiful Dubai Creek Park is just a short walk from the city and the famous Wafi Mall and City Centre Mall in Deira are only a few minutes’ drive away.

As an international city, a wide range of languages are spoken at Dubai Healthcare City and there is a very high standard of staff. Every healthcare provider and professional within the city must meet stringent standards in order to be licensed by the Centre for Healthcare Planning and Quality (CPQ). Healthcare quality and patient safety are of the utmost priority and CPQ ensures standards are maintained through a series of on-going requirements and inspections.

When setting up a business in the Dubai Healthcare City it is important to be aware of the regulations to ensure compliance with the CPQ standards and establish good standing and business credibility.